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We’re all about the people

We are an international management consultancy that supports visionary leaders who see the potential in their people and have the conviction to build businesses that delight their customers every time.

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The things we
identify and fix

  • The future

    Knowing where you are and where you’re going, and developing the shared passion and commitment to get there is imperative to building and sustaining a profitable business. At Total Flow we start with the future and work ‘Right to Left’, imagining propositions that will delight your future customers and then design, implement and industrialise all the operational capabilities required to supply waste free.

  • Engagement and ownership

    We unlock the passion and ambitions of each team member by encouraging them to take ownership and accountability for the success and development of themselves and their company. Our process breaks down barriers; transforming people, how they work together and their relationship to their workplace. By liberating the potential of each individual your organisation can flourish and transform.

  • Behaviours and capabilities

    We identify and coach all the behaviours necessary to achieve and sustain high performance. Whilst empowering the individual, we enable organisations to simultaneously master all the capabilities required to prosper and transform. Total Flow develops both individual behaviours and organisational capabilities to allow your company to meet your future goals.

  • End-to-end alignment

    Total Flow enables organizations to examine their entire value chain; revealing latency, gaps, overlaps and over processing. By taking a whole systems approach we ensure the alignment of values, capabilities and behaviours. Together we make it possible for value to flow without obstruction, deviation, delay or defect, maximising the result for customers and return on capital employed.

  • Flawless quality and customer satisfaction

    We empower organisations to excel as leaders in their market and enjoy preferred provider status. Total Flow teaches an unwavering customer-focus and an unyielding quality mindset, creating flawless results, responsiveness and customer satisfaction in every aspect of business.

  • Sustained high performance

    Organisations can experience drifts in performance that come with the promotion and turnover of key people. Through enrolling a workforce in our ‘Academy’, companies create a repository of technical memory, a means to manage change, a vehicle to coach each employee, supplier and client, and provide a mechanism to recognise and graduate those who achieve sustained high performance.

Our success

Challenging, developing and empowering people is how Total Flow delivers success. Whether it’s by disrupting the status quo or engaging the workforce, each of our clients agree that we achieve success through an inspiring and personalised process.

“Total Flow gives you the right questions to find the answer yourself much like a guide. They're there when you need them. They delivered what they were asked to do, which was to increase efficiency of the line. When Total Flow finish, they’ll make sure they leave the new competencies in-house.”

Peggy Tege
Milupa, Site Director
  • “They don’t flood you with high-pitch sales techniques, which makes them personal and secure. There isn’t a menu, only their process, which is niche and simple. They are now one of the team. Total Flow helped secure new work and when it’s won, they help to deliver it efficiently.”

    Martin Bradbury
    MD, Laing O’Rouke Utilities

  • “Total Flow give an outside perspective. They are emotionally committed, engaging and know their stuff. Classic small verses big, brings solutions not just a proposal.”

    Paul Campbell
    Senior Vice President Customer Service and Logistics, PepsiCo Europe

  • “Total Flow are a catalyst to think differently and challenge the status quo at a rapid pace of thinking.”

    Nirmal Kotecha
    Operations & Procurement Director, UKPN

  • “Total Flow are challenging and intelligent giving you a wider perspective by engaging in different ways. They are willing to spend time with a longer-term recovery.”

    Seamus Keogh
    COO, Clancy Docwra

  • “The best thing about Total Flow is that their thinking can be challenging, as they bring different thought processes, experience and a skill set we don’t have, which makes the quality of work extremely good. Total Flow use training and developing people, as part of their methodology and structure, often others are rigid and apply a format regardless of situations.”

    John Woodburn
    CEO of RLC Group

  • “Total Flow have a broad background and look at things holistically making projects exciting. They’re also good at critical thinking. Being with them was one of the most thought provoking couple of hours I’ve spent with someone for a long time – they put forward concepts in the way that I hadn’t previously thought of them.”

    Alan Bates
    CEO, Guernsey Electricity

  • “Total Flow quickly put a deliverables system in place that could be executable and worked. They opened up some networks for us, grasped big ideas and added something different. They have market-based thinking in a format that is operational and a global perspective.”

    Donal Buckley
    Business Development & Innovation Director, BIM (National Irish Fisheries Board)

  • “Reduced labour bill by £5m over 5 years. Wastage £1.2m reduction. Unquantifiable – Thought differently over the 3-year period.”

    Jason Ridge
    Site Director, Nutricia & Dairy Crest


Transforming Organisational Capability

Vision and Strategy

Vision and Strategy

Many organisations have trouble clearly defining their current and future market position, value propositions and customers. This can lead to misalignment between current capabilities and the capabilities required for sustained growth, resulting in underperformance and systemic waste. Without a clear vision and strategy, an organisation cannot plan for the future; to ensure growth of revenue, profit and market share, but also to failsafe against reputational bruises, hostile takeovers and business failure. A lack of direction leads to disengagement of people throughout the organisation, resulting in low morale and high staff turnover.

By developing a clear vision and strategy for an organisation, Total Flow aims to create a leadership team who knows where they are, where they are going, and that share a passion and commitment to get there. We help organisations rediscover what truly drives them, finding the heart of the business once again. We work closely with leadership teams to inspire ambition and to identify central values, purpose and a culture that can be lived throughout the organisation. Coaching organisations to use Right to Left Thinking, we enable them to identify underserved markets and unlock opportunities and solutions through free creative thinking. By defining the future state of the business, we can identify gaps in resources, processes and values that must be resolved to ensure transformation. With aligned functions and a clear strategy, we create a compelling vision of the future that captures the imagination of the whole organisation.

Value Creation

Value Creation

With time, many organisations find themselves under intense pressure as margins, revenues and market share shrink. Value propositions that were once market leading are now freely available, and markets that were once simple are complex, dynamic and heterogeneous. With more choice customers begin to expect more, and as companies seek to satisfy their customers in new ways, gaps emerge in their operational capability. Internal misalignment causes fractures and frustrations in teams, leading to loss of talent and leadership churn. Underperformance can lead to an irreversible decline in brand value, and with a decrease in sales,  profitability and balance sheet value, organisations leave themselves vulnerable to takeover.

Total Flow leads a process that transforms the understanding of customer requirements,identifying and profiling current and future customers to imagine and design innovative value propositions that will prove irresistible. The function, speed, dependability, flexibility and price of the imagined value propositions are defined and the capability required to deliver them profitably and sustainably is developed. We create a top level transformation plan, macro timeline and resource requirements to ensure stakeholder and organisational alignment. Working closely with leadership teams we nurture a shared desire to transform. We determine the impact such a transformation will have on the brand values of an organisation, and identify and align all additional touchpoints, to assure customer delight and market dominance through life by target customer.

Transformation Leadership

Transformation Leadership

Transformation for any organisation is tough. Companies often recognise the need to change behaviours within the organisation as part of the process, but are overwhelmed by the complexity and challenge of the task. As a result they fail to build the necessary behavioural foundations that underpin sustainable high performance or execute transformation programmes that disappoint, are late or fail to stick. Leadership teams grow increasingly ineffective and as a result ROI & Net Present Value fall short of the business case commitment.

Through any transformation Total Flow seeks to create a future state that is owned, sustained and championed by the organisation’s people, stakeholders and customers. We do this by creating and coaching a capable steering team, helping them develop and execute robust employee and stakeholder engagement plans, and coach the team to communicate their vision in a compelling way. We align functional capabilities and organisation design to support the transformed operation in line with budgetary and customer commitments and then train, support and coach the organisation’s people until new ways of working have become business as usual. This results in an engaged and inspired workforce led by respected and trusted leaders working collaboratively to the achievement of a common goal.

Customer Centred Quality

Customer Centred Quality

For all organisations, developing and maintaining customer-focused quality control is a defining challenge. Failure to get it right risks customer and client loyalty, costs resources and lowers return on investment. It also slows down production and fulfilment and lowers the morale of customer-facing departments, the very people who evangelise and promote the organisation to the outside world. Customer centred-quality can also be hampered by historic procedures and processes, as well as a reactive rather than proactive mind-set; an attitude that can leave customer services to pick up the pieces when something goes wrong elsewhere in the organisation.

Total Flow will enable every element of your organisation to focus its efforts on your customer, improving your organisation’s status, earning it prestige and a leading place in the market. We achieve this by training and mentoring staff to put flawless quality and unwavering customer focus at the heart of their work, making each and every one of them part of a winning, collaborative team focused on delivering quality through perfect products and services, no matter where they are in the chain. We create a mind-set of responsiveness and proactivity that not only inspires a focus on customer satisfaction, but can anticipate what your customers need before they even ask for it. By accepting the challenge of centring on your customers’ needs, you define your status and prospects in the marketplace, your customers’ loyalty and their willingness to recommend you head and shoulders above the competition.

Product and Process Design

Product and Process Design

In many organizations product designs, and the processes employed to design and produce them, have failed to keep pace with the rapid development of business requirements and consumer expectations. Poorly designed processes too often sets function against function and factory against design team, creating a tense and stressful work environment. With low productivity, high rework and systemic and endemic waste, few if any programmes deliver on time to standard. It can be difficult in this position to manage current demand whilst successfully developing new capabilities, technologies or concepts required to delight future customers. As a result revenues, market share and margins all tend to erode, customer loyalty is sorely tested and accounts are too often lost.

Total Flow understands the challenges of improving design factory performance because we have worked within them and led their transformation first hand. We enable everyone within the design organisation to understand the shortcomings of their process, their capabilities and their behaviour. We are able to make visible the invisible, level load demand and enable processes to flow. Our work heals the rifts that have arisen within the organisation, halts and then reverses the loss of talent and restores customer confidence. We offer education, classroom training and workplace coaching on a large range of design based tools, we support managers to recover programmes or products and enable Product Development Directors and Chief Engineers to align their entire Product Development Process to market requirements. As a result our clients learn how to bring to market products and their producing process flawlessly, and provide services that meet the needs and desires of their current and target customers, On Time To Standard (OTTS).

Supply Chain Design and Management

Supply Chain Design and Management

As customers, markets and environments evolve, supply chains often remain static. Competencies and capabilities that were state of the art when introduced soon look tired, dysfunctional or broken. Without constant fine tuning and optimisation systemic waste builds up and performance deteriorates. Product and service issues are the result, leading to a damaged brand image and tension between suppliers, brand owners, channel partners and consumers. With an organisation focused on micro-managing supply chain performance and supply chain noise, system design and management get ignored.

Total Flow helps organisations establish collaborative, dynamic and agile supply chains which deliver the right products and services, at the right time and place, and at the lowest sustainable total cost. We translate the future state vision of value creation into a set of end to end supply chain requirements, and work with teams and suppliers to create a shared passion and commitment to get there. Analysing the potential gaps in transition from the current to the future state, we implement the necessary systems and leadership structure necessary for a validated end-to-end supply chain. Each and every part of the new chain has a plan, and we coach and support whole organisations to master new ways of working that assure robustness, performance, engagement and confidence. As a result, employees are liberated to focus on improvement and innovation rather than fire-fighting, leading to perfect delivery, flawless quality and delighted customers.

Supplier Engagement and Development

Supplier Engagement and Development

Engaging and developing suppliers for your organisation is a process that is often full of obstruction and difficulty. Even managing a collaborative relationship with companies that have their own aims and ambitions can lead to frustration, suspicion and occasional hostility if it’s not planned and handled with care. In such cases, performance on delivery, quality and price inevitably suffers. Total Flow recognises the compelling need to help you manage this most important of business relationships. We will help you build a high-performance, agile supply chain that represents a profound alignment of ambition, investment, process capability and values. Strategic supply partners are identified and engaged so that long-term alignment and development results in materials and services delivered on time to standard and at lower cost and PPV. You and your suppliers will benefit from a respectful, innovative sustainable relationship that benefits customers, investors, employees and partners and ensured end to end quality and less waste.

Our framework will enable you to spend less time micromanaging the problems of poor supply and more time working on a collaborative approach that aligns the resources, processes and values of your suppliers with the needs of your organisation. A robust supply chain will cut stress among your staff, reduce the potential for delay for your customers and help your organisation’s leadership and management spend less time on day-to-day troubleshooting and more on creating value.

Process Control and Continuous Improvement

Process Control and Continuous Improvement

Most operations are plagued with accidents, breakdowns, defects, late deliveries, poor productivity, yield losses and customer complaints, but few organisations recognise this as process design or process control failure. Despite efforts to rectify problems, organisations often lack a system with the rigour to identify the failure mode or route cause, and cannot design and verify a solution, or ensure its validated deployment and continuous application. Few organisations have the sophistication to translate customer requirements into functional specifications, and then into product and process designs that are assured through rigorous process control plans through life.

At Total Flow, we recognise that all failures are only a function of inadequate product & process design, incomplete process control plans or the failure to apply and validate the process controls that have been devised. We coach organisations to identify the root cause of failures, to design and verify process control solutions, to plan, validate and deploy solutions throughout their organisation and supply chain, and to assure all known failure modes are designed out of the future product and process designs. By introducing a process structure with a clear system, Total Flow makes the continuous improvement of process performance accessible, practical and agile.

Value Driven Asset Management

Value Driven Asset Management

All too often Chief Operating Officers are frustrated at the level of utilisation, functionality, availability, flexibility and responsiveness of their capital assets. Their organisations rarely, if ever, maximise the value of their asset base and grow comfortable requesting new capital expenditure to meet current or future market needs rather than extracting the maximum value from those assets previously employed. As capital becomes tighter and tighter tensions surface between Sales, Planning, Operations, Engineering & Maintenance functions until behaviours become siloed and confrontational, waste becomes endemic, operational performance deteriorates, and operational and maintenance expenditure spiral out of control.

Total Flow enables leadership teams to identify and optimise the key value drivers throughout the life of their capital assets. We teach and empower businesses to fully utilise the capacity and capability of their assets to maximize return and profitability. By coaching teams in Right To Left Thinking we help organisations discover and realise opportunities to leverage their investments, maintain critical assets in peak condition, delight customers and provide superior value for shareholders. We enable and build capability to sustain unrivalled levels of service, reliability and responsiveness, boost competitive advantage and maximise capital effectiveness throughout an asset’s and production system’s lifecycle. We focus on whole system alignment and transformation, assuring every part of the end-to-end value chain meets market and shareholder requirements.

The Learning Factory™

The Learning Factory™

The performance of many organisations relies exclusively on the knowledge and knowhow retained in the heads and hands of a few individuals. As people retire or move on invaluable knowledge and capabilities are often lost, leaving new starters with the responsibility to figure out how to supply products and services flawlessly at acceptable levels of safety and cost. Inevitably individuals develop their own ways of working that are cherished by them and rejected by others making standardisation, continuous improvement and change control impossible and sustained high performance elusive.

Total Flow enables organisations to harness the creative energy of their people and partners to continuously improve the SQCDME performance of their operational capabilities at a rate that meets or exceeds their customer’s requirements. We work directly with organisations to capture an organisations knowhow and then inspire, educate, train and coach employees, suppliers and customers in tailor made Academies and learning factories. We enable end to end learning from the classroom to the work place graduating people only once they have demonstrated mastery of standard work and continuous improvement within their work place. Over time Learning Factories grow to become an invaluable source of technical memory, a world class mechanism to maintain the skills and knowledge of employees, contractors, suppliers and customers, a profound source of competitive advantage and a library of the best teaching and transformation methods currently available.


How we deliver?

They’ll remember the people that inspired them to demand their best work

We love to see businesses and their communities flourish. Our approach motivates people to raise their personal standards and to contribute to their full potential. Customers say the process is tough, but great fun and truly worthwhile.

How we deliver?

We empower capabilities whenever and wherever required

Our global network of experts builds knowledge and deploys strategies perfectly crafted for each client. With 41 local consultants in 15 countries worldwide, wherever the challenge we have an expert at hand.

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What we stand for?

Our approach is not for every leader. Our approach is for the leaders who have the courage, boldness and tenacity to go the extra mile it takes to succeed.

Transformation is tough; it requires a bold statement of character and a strength of mind. It is this power and conviction that will inspire people and make your company the one to watch.



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Some of our clients

We believe in being honest and tackling problems head on. If you think the same way we’d love to hear from you.

Chris Ellins

Founder & CEO

Our People

Please browse Total Flow’s consultants’ LinkedIn profiles or you can contact us on +44 1582 463 698 and email us at: enquiries@totalflow.co.uk


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  • We transform the capabilities of organisations using a unique, whole-systems, end-to-end approach. We realise the full value of assets in a way that aligns the capability of processes and the potential of people. We create a team of leaders. We need people to lead, we show them how.

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